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2021-2022 Phone book credits


Photograph Courtesy of Philip Colbran

Caption: Summer at IPP’s Dock Beach


Back Cover

Top row:

1. Photograph Courtesy of Marlin Bloethe.

Caption: Jumpers at IPP Easter on town green. 
From left, Griffin & Bella Harris, Maddie Lusker, Anthony Toldo. 


2. Eggs in basket- Courtesy of Margaret Benkard. 


3. Courtesy of Emma Burr. 


2nd row:
4. Craft Fair Cupcakes. Courtesy of Claudia Ward Allan


5. James Wright, Dock Beach Lifeguard. Courtesy of Jane Ahrens. 


6. IPP Bike Parade revelers. Courtesy of Emma Burr. 


3rd (center) row:
7. Courtesy of Sandy Ahman

Caption: 1985, IPP Softball Field. Mark Anderson (batter), Dave Cooper (umpire), Danny Doyen (catcher), Jeff Edwards and Tom Doherty (in True Value shirts), Dave Denison (far right), Dick Hale (behind fence).


8. IPP Halloween Trunk or Treat 2010, Courtesy of Mimi Flow.


4th row:

9. Craft Fair Birdhouses. Courtesy of Chris Dollar. 

10. IPP Dock Beach Cardboard Boat Regatta Anthony, Brianna, Cleo. Courtesy of Jane Ahrens. 


11. Aaron & Maddie Lusker, Halloween. Courtesy of  Sue Lusker.


Bottom row:

12. Janet Poetent, far left, Karen & Polly Collins far right. Others unknown, step forward if you see yourself! Email us at
Photograph Courtesy of Peggy Elliott. 


13. Mural Painting summer 2020. Courtesy of Sarah Upson.


14. Senior Outing 2019. Courtesy of Jane Ahrens. 

Clockwise from top left, Tim Patterson, Sarah Malinowski, Roberta Elwell, Jim Thompson Sr., Mary Linda Strunk, Louisa Evans, Art Walsh, Karla Heath, Mary Ski, Betty Peishoff, Ann Banks, Ace Ahrens, Sharon Patterson, Laura Edwards, Barbara Hoch, Bernice Auger,  Fran Roethgen.

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