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IPP's Board of Directors

Elisabeth Parker
‌President, Donor Relations, ICB representative, CPR Coordinator

‌Jessica Doyle
‌Vice President, Donor Relations, The Patch

‌Martha Burnham

‌Jeanine Behr Getz
‌Treasurer, Governance

‌Meg Atkin
‌July 4th Parade, Easter Celebration

‌Lizzie Boswell

‌Liese Fritze Brown
‌Dock Beach

‌Margot Congdon

‌Sergiu Costea
‌Dock Beach, Ball Field

‌Mere Doyen
‌Ball Field, Halloween

‌Annie Douthit
‌Dock Beach, Nominating

‌Phoebe Davison Hunt
‌Craft Fairs

‌Maggie Grimes
‌House and Garden Tour

‌Alex Pollack

‌Dee Ross
‌Senior Activities

‌Adrienn Smith
‌Easter Egg Hunt, July 4th Parade

‌Bailey Sperry
‌Morning Program


Help us keep doing the work we do!

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