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Morning Program Registration
FAQs 2024

  • ‌What ages is IPP for?
    ‌IPP is for all children ages 4-11!
  • ‌When does IPP happen?
    ‌The Morning Program runs for 6 weeks during July and August, and meets Monday to Friday from 9am-12pm. This year, the dates are Monday 7/1 through Friday 8/9.
  • Where does the Morning Program meet?
    ‌For 2024, the Morning Program will meet primarily at the Fishers Island Theater/Parade Grounds, with occasional days at other FI sites. We will be taking advantage of many of the great outdoor spaces that Fishers Island has to offer! All locations will be posted on the calendar, and communicated to parents/caregivers at the beginning of each week. Caregivers are requested to join the Morning Program REMIND (info at sign-in desk and registration confirmation emails) to ensure they get updates on locations and events.
  • ‌Will there be space for my child? Do you have a waiting list this year?
    ‌Good news! We are no longer capping the group sizes, and anticipate being able to offer a spot to everyone who wants one, so there will not be a waiting list this year. Q: My child celebrates their 5th birthday during the Morning Program. Do I register them for the 4s or 5s? A: Register them for the age group for their age as of July 1st, 2024 - the first day of the Morning Program. This is a hard and fast rule, and it also means that children must be 4 as of July 1st to participate this summer.
  • ‌Can I register more than one child at a time?
    ‌Yes! When you click through to ActiveCamps, you’ll see all of the sessions for this summer. We’ve made each age group and week a separate session, so you can add 4s Week 1, 4s Week 2, etc. for your four-year-old, and then 6s Week 1, 6s Week 2, etc. for your six-year-old, and so on for as many children as you will be registering. This way, we can let the computer keep a running class roster for each age group, by week. If you are registering two children for the same week, you can either add the session(s) to your cart twice, or change the quantity in your cart for the appropriate session(s).
  • ‌Have rates have gone up from last year?
    ‌No! The rate is the same as last year: $150 per child per week. We are also continuing to offer multi-child and multi-week discounts, which ActiveCamps will automatically compute during checkout. The last tuition increase was made in 2015 when the IPP Board decided to raise the base rate to $150 per child per week to meet rising costs from the increasing minimum wage in New York State – which significantly impacts the counselor budget for the Morning Program. If you have any specific concerns, please contact us at ‌Here is the current pricing table:
  • ‌What if my child cannot attend for the full week? Can they come for only a day or two?
    ‌Yes! We offer a daily drop-in fee of $50 per child per day. We are still working on the logistics of daily drop-ins through the ActiveCamps system, so please email to sign your child up for a single day registration(s). Note, we do not offer the multi-child/multi-week (or multi-day) discounts when signing up for a daily drop-in.
  • ‌What is a session?
    A session is one week of a particular age group in the IPP Morning Program. We’ve broken it down like this so we can make sure we don’t accidentally offer admission to more children than we have space for, and so we can better organize attendance and staffing.‌ ‌
  • Do I need to add sessions to my cart in order?‌
    No, it is not required, but we do recommend it. The system will not auto-sort by date or age- group at any point in the process, so how you add the sessions to your cart is how you will fill out all the registration information and it may be easier to have them appear in order. The system will still process multi-child and multi-week discounts even if you do not add the sessions to your cart in order, but you will need to add all the sessions to your cart in the same transaction to receive the discounts. The system will not be able to process the multi-child / multi-week discounts if you register each child in two different transactions, or if you forget a week and have to add it separately.‌
  • Can I add multiple sessions to my cart with one click?‌
    ‌Unfortunately, no. You’ll need to select the appropriate tuition (eg, Summer Resident Rate) for a particular session, then click the green “Add to cart” button below that specific session, and repeat for each session you’d like to add.
  • ‌How do I add a daily drop-in to my cart?
    ‌How do I add a daily drop-in to my cart? Daily drop-in fees are not yet available through the ActiveCamps website. Please email to register your child for single day registration(s).
  • ‌Can I buy IPP T-shirts through registration?
    ‌No. This year we are not selling merchandise through the registration system. We will be selling T-shirts from previous years onsite at the Morning Program, and during both the July and August craft fairs. This year we will also have IPP hats available for sale!
  • ‌Do I need to enter all the basic information for each session?
    ‌No, but you will need to enter it separately for each child. Once you have filled out the basic information for the first registration (Name, Birthday, Gender) you can use the dropdown menu on subsequent sessions to register the same child for another week.
  • ‌Do I need to re-enter all the registration information for each child?
    ‌Yes, you will be required to enter registration information (emergency contact info, allergies, health insurance, etc.) separately for each child. After you have filled out the registration information for one child, you can choose to “auto-fill form” and copy all the information from the first child’s registration for subsequent children you are registering, but please make sure to change allergy and health concern information for each individual child!!
  • ‌We won’t know our house phone and/or emergency contacts until we’re on the island. What should we put on the forms?
    ‌You may select “when I arrive on the first day” and leave those fields blank for now, but please come prepared to fill in that information when you arrive on the first day! However, because Monday mornings are really busy, if you do know that information now please tell us.
  • Why do I need to add the parent’s birthday?
    ‌We don’t care, but ActiveCamps requires it.
  • ‌Do I need to fill out the waivers separately for each child?
    ‌Yes. Our waivers do not require you to fill anything out, but you will need to read and agree to all the waivers (general terms, rules and regulations, first aid, etc.) for each child you are registering.
  • ‌I notice there is a processing fee on my final total. What is this? ‌
    ‌This amount is collected by ActiveCamps to cover credit card fees. It is calculated as a percentage of the total amount due, after the discounts have been applied. Please note that as this processing fee goes directly to ActiveCamps, it will not be refunded if you cancel a session.
  • ‌What is this “ACTIVE Refund” section?
    ‌This is something done separately through ActiveCamps, and IPP has no association or relationship with this program. Our cancellation policy is outlined below.
  • ‌What are the payment options?
    ‌ActiveCamps requires payment by credit or debit card (MasterCard or Visa), so your options are: Pay in Full: Pay the entire amount now using a credit or debit card. Enroll in Payment Plan: Pay later by card or by mailing a check. Billed Automatically: You may elect to have the remaining balance (in one or two installments) billed automatically (on 6/15, or 6/1 and 7/1) to the same card used during checkout. (After checking out, you may log into your account at any time to pay towards your balance and reduce the amount automatically charged.) Pay by Check: If you would like to pay your balance by mailing a check, please select the payment plan “Deposit + 1 payment(s)” and switch your billing option to “Pay balance manually”. Checks should be mailed prior to June 15th to: Island People’s Project – Morning Program Registration P.O. Box 523, Fishers Island, NY 06390 ‌Please contact us at with any questions or concerns.
  • ‌Why can’t I choose how much I want to pay now?
    ‌ActiveCamps doesn’t yet allow you to fill in the amount you want to pay at check out, and instead references the minimum deposit required. To maximize flexibility, we’ve made that a very low rate. If you want to pay something between the minimum deposit and the full price, please choose a payment plan and check out. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to your account within a few minutes and you can then go into your account to make an additional payment(s). We recognize this is cumbersome, and we are working with ActiveCamps to find a better solution.
  • What is this “FREE 30-day Trial” pop-up that shows when I hit complete?
    ‌Did my registration go through? Yes – if you hit the “Complete” button your registration should go through, it is not contingent on enrolling in this service. This pop-up is a promotion being run by ActiveCamps for their ACTIVE Advantage Membership and has nothing to do with IPP - you are under NO OBLIGATION to enroll in their membership program, so do not accept their terms or reenter your email address unless you are willing to enroll in their service. If you scroll to the bottom and hit “No thanks” the pop-up will disappear and you will see the transaction confirmation page with the details of your order from IPP. You should receive your registration confirmation email shortly. If you have any questions or concerns please email
  • ‌What if I need to cancel my child's registration and get a refund?
    ‌ActiveCamps doesn’t yet have an automated cancellation system, so please email us at with the specifics of your request. We will make the change on our end, and offer the spot to someone else if there is a waitlist for that week/session. If you paid for the full registration amount by credit or debit card, you should receive a credit to your card from ActiveCamps (though your statement will read ACT*ISLAND PEOPLE’S PR); if not, IPP will send you a check for the appropriate amount. Note that your processing fee will not be refunded. ‌We refund according to the following schedule for cancellations of full week session registrations: ‌Before May 31st: 100% of the amount you paid for the session(s). ‌Between June 1st and June 30th: 50% of the amount you paid for the session(s). ‌Beginning July 1st: nothing. ‌We do not offer refunds for cancellations of daily drop-in registrations.
  • ‌What if I want to add more weeks / register another child?
    ‌If there are still available spaces in the session(s) you’d like to add, please register online as you normally would, but at checkout select “pay balance manually” under one of the payment plans. We’ll apply the appropriate discounts inside the system and send you an email with an updated balance. You can expect the following: ‌Additional registrations before May 30th: all discounts you would have gotten had you included this session in your initial registration. ‌Between June 1st and June 30th: all discounts, less a $25 penalty per child.

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